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Book cover showing suicides' widow with young son and daughter. Marian D. Schwartz
Jenny Weaver is smart, she’s funny, and she’s so lonely it hurts. Two years after her husband committed suicide, Jenny begins writing to him, at first out of frustration and loneliness, then out of a deep need to look at what went so wrong in their lives. She waits until the children are bathed and in bed, then pours herself a glass of wine and writes,”We didn’t spend… Read more >
Book cover showing three battered roses in two vases, symbols of marriage falling apart. Marian D. Schwartz
What happens when a successful, determined middle-aged man falls in love with a woman who has been happily married for twenty-seven years? If he’s Avery Laird, he hires her to work for him. Buddy Middleton is positive that the job his wife, Ginger, is offered is too good to be true, that Avery Laird has an ulterior motive, but he can’t prove it. Read more >
Laura Belmont has finished writing her first novel, and she hopes it will change her life. She quits her job, ends a ten-year affair she’s had with her married boss, and heads off to The Clymer Workshop, one of the oldest writers’ conferences in the country, where she wants to make a connection with one of the famous staff authors or a well-known literary agent to help her get published.The conference is in a picturesque setting, but the atmosphere is anything but tranquil…Read more >
Book cover showing pregnant woman holding bright butterfly in her palm. Marian D. Schwartz
Pregnant and alone at the age of forty, with five hundred dollars in savings and no prospect of help from anyone, Sara Barefield wants this baby more than she has ever wanted anything. She figures that she was born poor and had pulled herself up so she can pull herself up again. But the poverty she plunges into is beyond anything she had expected. …Read more >
Book cover showing silhouette of dancing man tipping his hat gleefully, his tie flying. Marian D. Schwartz
A trusted nanny leaves without giving notice. A decent young man has a reason why he doesn’t want to be called a Korean War hero. A couple’s marriage falls apart after they buy an antique bedroom set. A family fights the Vietnam War in their living room. In the title story …  Read more >
Book cover showing young man and woman separated by Vietnam War reaching for each other.
Meghan Danahy never does anything halfway, whether it’s demonstrating against the Vietnam War or falling in love with Dennis Kipphut. But the anti-war protests become personal when Dennis draws a low number in the draft lottery. He is sure to be drafted and sent to Vietnam…Read more >
Shy and unsure of herself, Lanie Strickland is dazzled when Alex Thurlow, one of the most popular boys in her high school, asks her to dance at a New Year’s Eve party. A star athlete, Alex is as fast with girls as he is on the football field. Soon they are going steady, and Alex is pushing her in a direction that she isn’t sure she wants to go. Read more >
Book cover showing illuminated open book with letters leaping in air. Marian D. Schwartz
The attorney, Charles Gustafson, listened with amazement to Benjamin Clymer’s plan for his bequest. He had never met a man as decent and trusting as Benjamin, who believed without question that his gift would be honored. Read more >

What Readers Are Saying

“I enjoyed this book because it took different and unexpected turns.”
Susan Pamela Douda
“This was an awesome story!”
“Every story a glimpse into a real-life story of a person, a family… engaging enough to read into the wee hours of the morning, this book was a true pleasure and an unexpected find.”
Mandy S.
“Schwartz has created a great read that details how wars affect people over the long-term, while covering the honorable thought process that patriotic Americans experience while defending their country (however they choose to defend it). This is one of the best historical treatments of the Vietnam War era I have read to date.”
The Kindle Book Review
“Ms. Schwartz has created complex and unforgettable characters. When I closed the cover of “Harry Danced Divinely,” I wasn’t ready to leave Giffort Street.”
Linda Lange
“This is an excellent book. I would highly recommend this to be a good read since I didn’t want to put it down.”
Kathy Sigafoos
“I enjoyed reading this book because I believed everything Was possible and real. I felt every hurt as though it was mine…This book is a must read for anyone about to embark in marriage.”
Beverly Gurley
“The interweaving of characters and one’s neighborhood was one of the best that I have read in a long time.”
Diane De Pasquale
“…the writing is absolutely superb! It was definitely a page turner for me, keeping me up long past bedtime, simply because I had to read just a bit more… Thanks for a great read!”
Nana Flutist