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Jenny Weaver is smart, she’s funny, and she’s so lonely it hurts. Two years after her husband took his life, she begins writing to him. Jenny waits until the children are bathed and in bed. Then she sits with a glass of wine and writes…Read more >

What happens when a successful middle-aged man falls in love with a woman who has been happily married for twenty-seven years? If he’s Avery Laird, he hires her to work for him. Read more >

Book cover of woman standing alone at writers’ conference with manuscript papers flying around her.

An old, prestigious writers’ conference. A rural, picturesque setting. Aspiring writers and famous authors…It all comes together in a gripping story about publishing and its secrets. You’ll enter a world most people will never see. Read more >

Book cover showing pregnant woman holding bright butterfly in her palm. Marian D. Schwartz

Sara Barefield is pregnant and alone at the age of forty. She is determined to have her baby. She has five hundred dollars in savings and no prospect of help from anyone. But she was born poor and had pulled herself up so she thinks she can do it again.Read more >

Book cover showing silhouette of lovely teenage girl wearing a long prom dress. Marian D. Schwartz

Even though the 1950s didn’t have computers and cell phones, some things–like a teenager’s first love–don’t change. For sixteen-year-old Lanie Strickland, it is a shock to discover that the boy she idolizes is not the person she believed he was. Read more >

Book cover showing young man and woman separated by Vietnam War reaching for each other.

There are unexpected consequences at the Danahys, where Meghan and her father are fighting over the Vietnam War. Meghan wants her father’s help to keep her boyfriend out of the war. Her father is counting on the draft to be rid of him. Read more >

Book cover showing silhouette of dancing man tipping his hat gleefully, his tie flying. Marian D. Schwartz

There is a myth that the 1950’s were a simpler time. Family life is never simple, especially not on Giffort Street. In these collected stories, the neighbors reappear from story to story just like they do in any neighborhood. Read more >