The Writers' Conference

“Truth is best served through fiction.” Ernest Hemingway

“The Writers’ Conference is a fun read for everyone, and a useful education for anyone who might be thinking of a writing career.” Peter C. Foster, author.

The publishing world has secrets…

The fictional Clymer Workshop in the novel is one of the oldest writing conferences in the country. The aspiring writers who pay to attend want literary agents and publishing contracts. They want their books to be on bestseller lists.

Laura Belmont is one of the aspiring writers. She’s thrilled when she’s accepted at the Clymer Workshop.

She arrives hoping to make a connection that will help her get a literary agent. But the conference isn’t anything like what she had expected.

The schedule is filled with creative writing workshops and manuscript conferences. But the real lessons Laura learns aren’t on the schedule.

When she receives an offer that comes with a price, she discovers how power works in the publishing world.


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Author’s note: The Writers’ Conference isn’t always available on Amazon, as it is on the other vendors.  An explanation for this hasn’t been given.  Amazon’s biggest book advertisers are trade publishers. Could it be that they don’t want people to know what is in this novel?