The Writers' Conference

“The Writers’ Conference is a fun read for everyone, and a useful education for anyone who might be thinking of a writing career. The story moves along quickly and holds the reader’s interest all the way to the exciting (and surprising) ending.” Peter C. Foster, author.

“I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading this excellent novel, and I was pleased to read so many reviews from writers who confirm that the description of the conference is quite accurate.”  A. Rees


The publishing world has secrets…

Laura Belmont has finished writing her first novel. She has tried and failed to get a literary agent.

Hoping to connect with a famous author or an agent who will help her get a publishing contract, she applies to a prestigious writing conference. She is thrilled when she is accepted.

The conference isn’t like what she had expected. The atmosphere is intense. It seems like everyone with an unpublished manuscript is there for the same reason she is attending.

The male writers on the staff are more interested in Laura’s body than in her manuscript.  When she reads samples of other writers’ work, she begins to wonder if attending the conference is a credential, giving her ability as a writer a stamp of approval, as she had once assumed.

She goes to workshops unaware of the literary politics being played in the shadows by the famous authors teaching her—the favors made, the courtesies given, the grudges held. Even a famous author’s wife is fair game.

The lessons Laura learns aren’t on the conference schedule. When she receives an offer that comes with a price, she discovers how power works in the publishing world.

Not only a cracking good story with believable characters, this is also a glimpse into the heady world of writers and writing, success and (often repeated) failure. It’s also a very clever and entertaining exercise in writing and writing about writing and writing about writers. So many levels to appreciate it on…if you just want an intelligent good read.  Dorothee King



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Author’s note: The Writers’ Conference isn’t always available on Amazon, as it is on the other vendors, and it is difficult to find in searches.  An explanation for this hasn’t been given.  Amazon’s biggest book advertisers are trade publishers. Could it be that they don’t want people to know what is in this novel?