Book cover showing a woman walking alone at writers’ conference with manuscript papers flying around her.

My aim in writing The Writers’ Conference was to create a fast, entertaining read that would shed light on the closeted world of publishing.  Marian D. Schwartz

Finally, a look inside a writing conference!

The writers’ conference, the Clymer Workshop, has a lofty reputation. Aspiring writers must submit a sample of their writing to be accepted.

Laura Belmont is one of the aspiring writers. She has finished writing her first novel. Her plan is to make a connection with one of the famous staff authors who will help her get a publishing contract.

The conference is held in a picturesque setting in rural Western New York, but the atmosphere is anything but tranquil. Soon after Laura arrives she feels the intensity of two hundred people who have come for the same reason she is there.

The aspiring writers aren’t the only attendees who have agendas. She goes to creative writing workshops unaware of the literary politics being played in the shadows by the famous authors teaching her—the favors made, the courtesies given, the grudges held. The male writers on the staff are more interested in Laura’s body than in her manuscript.

The lessons Laura learns aren’t on the conference schedule. When she receives an offer that comes with a price, she discovers how power works in the publishing world.

The Writers’ Conference…is alternately moving and funny, and never dull. It was interesting to read about the “dirt” in the publishing/reviewing industry.”  Mark Stevens

“The Writers’ Conference is a fun read for everyone, and a useful education for anyone who might be thinking of a writing career.” Peter C. Foster, author.

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