Truth is best served through fiction.” Ernest Hemingway


The publishing world has secrets…

The fictional Clymer Workshop is one of the oldest writing conferences in the country. The aspiring writers who pay to attend want literary agents and publishing contracts. They want their books to be on bestseller lists.

Laura Belmont is one of the aspiring writers. She’s thrilled when she’s accepted at the Clymer Workshop.

She arrives hoping to make a connection that will help her get a literary agent. But the conference isn’t anything like what she had expected.

The schedule is filled with creative writing workshops and manuscript conferences. But the real lessons Laura learns aren’t on the schedule.

She discovers how power works in the publishing world.

I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading this excellent novel, and I was pleased to read so many reviews from writers who confirm that the description of the conference is quite accurate.  A. Rees


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Book cover of woman standing alone at writers’ conference with manuscript papers flying around her.

What Readers Are Saying

“It is a page-turner, and all the characters are very, very believable and there are no slow parts. I recommend it highly, for writers and those who just want a good read.”
Lynn Schneider
“Great writing. This book is a fine example of good literature, a praise I do not give lightly.”
P.M. Nevins
“I was instantly grabbed by the story line in The Writers’ Conference. Thanks for the fun read.”
whitehall reader
This was an excellent novel! The characters were well written & most of them got what they deserved in the end. It was fast paced & enjoyable.”
“This is a fun, quick read with lots of action and intrigue.”
high country reader
“This is a really good book and reading experience, especially for those of us who are writers, for those of us who have attended this kind of conference or workshop… So true and accurate…Her writing is excellent…Very engaging.”
S. Rak
“Found this book to be engaging, entertaining.and thought-provoking.”
Amazon Customer
I was riveted by the characters from first page to last. It was believable and I was there among the crumbling buildings and cooking smells.I was anxious for Agatha, believed in Laura and I am sure I have met the crusty poet with the cruel barbs, he is a type I know well.How can you go wrong with a crowd of nasty self-absorbed people and a few who truly wanted to help. An excellent read.”
Mrs Heather Biggs