Avery wants to marry Ginger.

Ginger is happily married to Buddy.

Buddy and Ginger have been happily married for 27 years. Avery is divorced. When he meets Ginger, he believes he has found the perfect mate. Determined to marry her, he offers her a job at an inflated salary.

Buddy is suspicious. He thinks the job is too good to be true and makes Ginger feel as though she isn’t worth the offer. She goes to work for Avery to prove Buddy wrong.

Ginger saves Avery a fortune in the first real estate deal she handles for his company. Flush with success, she believes the problems she and Buddy had are over. But everything changes when they have an unexpected guest from the past…

Ginger and Buddy take turns telling their story. Whose side will you take?

“I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience an emotional, heart-felt read.”  Norm Hamilton, Author

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