Book cover showing suicide’s widow writing to her dead husband while images of him and their children hover above her.

Jenny Weaver is smart and funny and so lonely it hurts.

Jenny and Richard Weaver were going to live happily ever after. Then Richard took his life.

A year after Richard’s death Jenny impulsively moves from the Northeast to California with their two young children, hoping for a fresh start. The children adjust to the move, but she can’t seem to find her way.

In a moment of deep frustration and loneliness, Jenny begins writing to Richard, sharing her most intimate thoughts. She writes about her daily life—bullying at work, the difficulties of being a single parent, and after some hesitation, a new romance.


Jenny also writes about the past. She looks back at their marriage and family life, and begins to see how it went wrong. As she gets closer to the truth and the past becomes threatening, she decides not to write to him anymore. But she finds it impossible to stop. The answer to their children’s questions, how-and-why did Daddy die, is in the past, and she can’t hide from the truth forever.

In this intimate, compelling novel, a