There were some things Lillian Levinson couldn’t say, even to herself.

In the collected Giffort Street stories, you’ll enter seven gracious homes on an elm-lined street. You’ll meet self-absorbed parents who are unaware of how their trusted nanny is shaping their daughters’ lives, a decent young man uncomfortable being treated like a hero, a couple whose bedroom furniture nearly destroys their marriage, a man who realizes that the first neighbor he meets after he moves in is a bigot, and a family fighting the Vietnam War in their living room. In the title story, Harry Danced Divinely, the lack of a tea bag makes an elderly Jewish woman decide to teach her spoiled adult son a shocking public lesson.

The stories Harry Danced Divinely, An Authentic Hero, and Neighbors are exclusive to this book. A Perfect Nanny, The Queen Anne Bedroom Set, and the novella War Zone, which are available as singles, are also included.


What Readers Are Saying

“Every story a glimpse into a real-life story of a person, a family… engaging enough to read into the wee hours of the morning, this book was a true pleasure and an unexpected find.”
“Ms. Schwartz has created complex and unforgettable characters. When I closed the cover of “Harry Danced Divinely,” I wasn’t ready to leave Giffort Street.”
Linda Lange
“The interweaving of characters and one’s neighborhood was one of the best that I have read in a long time.”
Diane De Pasquale
“Marian Schwartz is a superb writer. She has the ability to make us identify with her characters. I loved all six stories and hope she is in the process of writing more.”
Mystery Buff
“A compelling and thought provoking collection of short stories.”
“I’m a fan of inter-related short stories, and this collection is a fine example of why they appeal to me.”