Book cover showing the silhouette of a man dancing with his necktie flying, tipping his hat gleefully.

There is a myth that the 1950’s were a simpler time.

Family life is never simple.


The Whittakers are stunned when their trusted nanny, Meddie, suddenly leaves without giving notice. Meddie always knows everything before everyone else. What does she know that she isn’t willing to tell them?

The trouble between Stan and Adele Heussler might have started when Adele backed Stan’s car into their house. Or did it start when they bought an antique Queen Anne bedroom set?

Dale Kenway comes home with a medal after fighting in the Korean War. The neighbors are calling him a hero, but there is a reason he doesn’t feel like one.

When George Masterson starts asking questions about a new neighbor, the reactions he gets aren’t what he expects.

Nothing–absolutely nothing–can prepare you for the shocking public lesson that Lillian Levinson teaches her spoiled adult son because she doesn’t have a tea bag.

There are five stories and a novella in HARRY DANCED DIVINELY. The neighbors reappear from story to story, just like they do in any neighborhood. After you settle in on Giffort Street, you won’t want to leave!

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What Readers Are Saying

“A compelling and thought provoking collection of short stories.”

Maureen Burkhill
“Ms. Schwartz has created complex and unforgettable characters. When I closed the cover of “Harry Danced Divinely,” I wasn’t ready to leave Giffort Street.”
Linda Lange