Jenny Weaver is smart, she’s funny, and she’s so lonely it hurts. 

 Two years after her husband committed suicide, Jenny begins writing to him, at first out of frustration and loneliness, then out of a deep need to look at what went so wrong in their lives. She waits until the children are bathed and in bed, then pours herself a glass of wine and writes, “We didn’t spend as much time together when you were alive as I spend with you now.” The irony of this doesn’t escape her; nor does that fact that even though he is dead, people still try to ‘place’ her through him. “Death doesn’t sever a woman’s identity with her husband,” she writes.

Richard Weaver lingers in Jenny’s life. He is with her night after night, until she is able to free herself from the past.

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What Readers Are Saying

“The book is by turns humorous, witty, moving, upbeat. Jenny is a warm, sensitive heroine. It’s a pleasure to watch her and a privilege to eavesdrop on her thoughts. Highly recommended…”
Marilyn Lockhart, LIBRARY JOURNAL
“The author endows Jenny and her circle with attributes that make them linger in one’s memory.”
Publishers Weekly
“Realities is an intricate and satisfying novel.”
“A compelling and stunningly written book…”
“Realities is extremely well written, with deft character portrayals and scenes that ring true in dialogue, narrative and description.”
“…I skipped chores to finish it. A grown-up read.”
Linda Willett
“It was well written, and surprisingly enjoyable.”
Colette Wimmer
“This story is unique, entirely told in letters from Jenny to her late husband. I like the different style. I was invested in the story and the characters, and was sympathetic to the situation that the characters were in. Good read!”
“ Ms. Schwartz has chosen to use an extensive letter to the husband who chose suicide as a way to tell the story. I found this highly believable as well as readable.”
“This was a really good book. I am happy I found it and look forward to more from this author.”
Carol Jaeger
“I was captivated and could not put this down because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.”
“It was very well written and I would recommend it.”
Hope Sonntag
“ She honestly explores the feelings of her characters, their high and lows, joys and sorrow. A not to be missed read!”
“…the writing is absolutely superb! It was definitely a page turner for me, keeping me up long past bedtime, simply because I had to read just a bit more… Thanks for a great read!”
Nana Flutist